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In the early stages of growing your company, you have to work daily using all the skills you have to make your business a success. Like many start-ups, these skills may not be enough to move your long-term vision forward. At Bidwell Management Resources, we can help you leverage what you know in order to provide a complete picture of your business so you can reach success.
Using our sophisticated financial modeling and data driven planning tools, we look at both your financial and non-financial strategic vision to create a detailed and dynamic plan. This includes measuring the performance of pricing, advertising, operations to help you proactively predict, adapt, and adjust to achieve your long-term strategic goals.
Our approach moves you beyond basic accounting by providing uniquely focused CFO insights without the cost of a full-time position.
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  1. You need someone to help you run your business better
  2. You need to make better decisions regarding your business
  3. You need to put your financial best foot forward to investors, bankers or buyers
  4. You have a personal life and want to be able to pursue things that are important.
  5. You need someone to provide the business skills you don’t have
  6. You need to be able to have more predictability in your business
  7. You need clear and concise cost analysis of your operation