Cash Management When Cash is Tight

Most start up owners have little experience with real Cash Management. In the world of early-stage companies, cash is either always tight or on the verge of being tight. Many owners believe they have it under control because they have an accountant on board who creates a monthly balance sheet. But Cash Management goes beyond an ordinary balance sheet. Actionable Cash Management is a highly technical, forward-looking analysis that brings all your managers and departments together and requires a pervasive company understanding of intercompany processes.
Successful cash management, especially in times of crisis, requires the following:
  1. Pulling accurate and timely data from every corner of the company – both financial and non-financial – to create a detailed information system showing the cash flow implications of every area of the company using the language and approach of each manager.
  2. Designing a financial model that will allow for alternative futures to be explored by providing “high – low” alternative cash position for future months.
  3. Updating the model on a weekly basis to create confidence that cash is being managed so attention can be place on key elements necessary for success.
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