Planning for Big Change

Your company is on its way and your future is filled with alternative visions and strategies. New product line, merger, new warehouse location, and even a major acquisition are all possible next steps. With lots of background information and many assumptions, a clear picture of the next 5 years is needed. We need to have alternative projections illustrated.
An accurate financial model of the current organization becomes the basis the organization can rely on as alternative action steps are assessed. The financial model will show how the organization is performing relative to current goals and will illustrate how any alternative change will develop and impact future growth.
The fully developed financial model based on current operations can be used to understand any of the various operational or strategic changes you are considering in your strategic planning. The impact of rather simple operational changes such as facilities, departments, or staffing will show the interrelated fiscal impact on each of the parts. Multiple assumptions of major strategic changes can be added to the current operational model giving validity to alternative plans to create realistic future looking revenue and profit projections.
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